Malaysia overview

The map above shows the largest cities of Malaysia and the religious makeup of the country. Malaysia has two parts: peninsular (west) Malaysia and east Malaysia, made up of Sarawak and Sabah on the large island of Borneo, which is also shared by Indonesia.

The official religion of Malaysia is Sunni Islam. Those following Chinese folk religion make up about 13% of the population, followed by Christians at 9%. Operation World includes this challenge for prayer:

Religious freedom for all faiths is constitutionally guaranteed despite changes that threaten this. Pray especially that the Christian community may continue to possess the liberty to practice, profess and propagate their faith.

Malaysia had a population of 30.3 million in 2015. The official language is Malay (Bahasa Malaysia), and 145 total languages are spoken in the country.

For more prayer information, visit the country profile for Malaysia from Operation World:

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