Hong Kong – Religion and Population


As pro-democracy protesters continue to challenge the government in Hong Kong, it is useful to consider the religious makeup of the population. According to Operation World, approximately 60% of the population adheres to Chinese folk-religion, 22% are non-religious, and 12% are Christian. The citizens live on multiple islands with an area of 1,092 sq km, making Hong Hong one of the most densely populated areas of the world.

The Wall Street Journal reports,

Hong Kong’s churches are playing a quiet but important role in the city’s protests, offering food and shelter to demonstrators, with some organizers and supporters citing Christian values as inspiration in their fight.

Some of the main protest organizers are Christians; though, some high-ranking government officials are Christians as well. While not an abundantly clear Christian vs. Communist situation, the church has much more room to operate freely in Hong Kong than in mainland China.

As of 2010, Operation World states the following regarding Hong Kong:

The Christian community has a disproportionately influential role in serving society. Although only 10% of the population, the Church runs the majority of schools and social organizations and 25% of hospitals. Many elderly, poor, foreigners and others in need of assistance are blessed by such efforts. So far, the potential threat of state interference or limitation has not materialized. Pray that the Church may continue to be salt and light in this way and to boldly continue this leavening, transforming role in society.

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