Christians in Syria

As the civil war in Syria continues, many have faced violence and persecution. Among these are Syria’s Christians, estimated to number 1.4 million in 2010. According to a BBC interview of a senior Church leader in Syria, 450,000 Christians have been displaced or have left the country (Oct 2013).

But there is hope in the midst of the suffering. A pastor in Syria spoke with Open Doors, a ministry that serves persecuted Christians worldwide. The pastor said that “no matter how you look at it, the war is horrific and evil in every way possible. Yet, in parallel, the church is being changed and transformed.” The pastor said, “We have reached geographic areas that we have never dreamed of before.” And the community has responded. “Today the genuine and practical care that the people are seeing in our ministry is transforming people’s view of us as Christians,” said the pastor. “Those who did not want to have anything with us before now trust us.”

Here is a map below of the Christian populations of Syria and its neighboring countries with data for 2010. These figures have most likely changed, some significantly, as Christians have fled the conflict in Syria. The latest number of displaced Christians is also highlighted.


For PDF download, click here.

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