Book – The Future of the Global Church

Recently, a comprehensive book, The Future of the Global Church, was published by Patrick Johnstone, a work that GMI has been involved with for many years.  In 2005, I assisted Patrick in making maps for his book during a summer internship in the U.K.  Afterwards, I have continued to produce maps, and Patrick has edited them in graphic design software to get just the look he wanted.  It was a privilege to work with him on such a project.

The book explores many topics, such as the demographic aspects of world mission including population growth and migration.  There is a detailed section on world history, with analysis of political empires as well as the location of Christian believers across the centuries.  The major religious streams of the world are covered, with a detailed look at Christianity.  Christian revival and the increased growth of evangelicals are explored, along with a focus on the task to reach the unreached.

Patrick is the founding author of the Operation World prayer guide for the nations.  Over the years, as Patrick travelled the globe speaking about the needs of the world, he developed many presentations and maps, and The Future of the Global Church is a culmination of those efforts.

Along with assisting with the maps in the book, GMI has produced an e-book, developed a website, and is working on an electronic edition that will include many Powerpoint presentations.  Patrick is hoping this work will be an effective and inspiring teaching and mobilization tool for others.  See more info at

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  1. This book gives an amazing picture of the church globally, past, present and future – eye opening and relevant for today.

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